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Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 38mm (250 Count)

SKU 12275
Bulk packaged Air-Tite holders are a great way to save money and avoid dealing with a bunch of packaging. The holders are packaged in layers separated by sheets of foam as opposed to in individual retail cards.

Product Highlights:
  • Prevents scratches, dings and fingerprints from damaging product.
  • Two pieces snap together to form a protective capsule.
  • Contains no PVC making these capsules great for long-term storage.
  • Note: Coin or round not included.
  • Fits the following products: 
    * U.S. Dollars (1840-1978) 
    * Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

 Securely display your coins or rounds. Add this bulk package of Air-Tite holders to your cart today!