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Adolf Hitler: A Collection of Four Coins and One Stamp


Adolf Hitler is history's most notorious figure. An Austrian by birth, he enlisted in the Bavarian Army and fought for Germany during the Great War; he received an Iron Cross for his military service. After the war, he joined what would become the Nazi party, and after a failed coup attempt at the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, went to prison, where he wrote Mein Kampf. In 1933, he became chancellor of the Weimar Republic. A year later, he established himself as dictator of the Third Reich and the world would never be the same.

His stated objective was to seize Eastern Europe and kill off its Slavic population to make room for the "racially superior" Germans. The last imperial conqueror to pursue such a horrific policy was Genghis Khan but even Khan couldn't touch the grand scope and scale of Hitler's cold, businesslike slaughter of passive victims.

Hitler killed six million Jews, including a million children, in the Holocaust. He killed Poles, he killed Russians, he killed Communists, he killed Catholics, he killed gays and lesbians, he killed conscientious objectors, he killed prisoners of war, he killed civilians, he killed petty criminals, he killed anyone who disobeyed his orders to kill. By 1945, the Third Reich was nothing more than a finely tuned killing machine, systematically executing some 11 million people. All told, Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 29 million human beings roughly the entire current population of Australia and New Zealand combined. He committed suicide in 1945.

This boxed set includes four coins issued by the Third Reich (a bronze Reichsfennig, KM-97; a zinc 10 Reichspfennigs, KM-101; and the silver 2 and 5 Reichsmarks, KM-93 and KM-94) as well as a postage stamp issued by Germany in occupied Ukraine that features his portrait.