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90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes $100 Face-Value Bag (Random Year)

SKU 17208
In 1946, Silver dimes honored the only president in U.S. history that was elected for 4 terms, Franklin D. Roosevelt. With no "key" dates in the series, this small denomination Silver coin is readily available to Silver investors and collectors.

Product Highlights:
  • Contains 71.5 oz actual Silver weight.
  • These Roosevelt Dimes come packaged in a heavy duty canvas bag.
  • Each $100 bag of 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes contains 1,000 coins.
  • These average circulated coins are dated 1946-1964.
Reasonable premiums over the spot price of Silver make these coins very affordable. Add several $100 Face-Value Bags of 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes to your cart today! 

Dates on these coins will be of our choosing and may or may not vary (1946-1964), determined by stock on hand. 

Pre-1965 90% Silver coins, sometimes referred to as junk Silver or scrap Silver, are a great way to start your Silver investments. These Silver coins were pulled from circulation with the introduction of copper/nickel clad coins and the rising demand of Silver. The public saved them for their 90% Silver content as a rainy day fund they can fall back on.