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2019 Canada 25-Cent Lenticular Transforming Optimus Prime

SKU 17459
See Optimus Prime in action on this 3D lenticular coin, which combines two different images--the Autobot in robot mode against a fiery backdrop and another as a robot in disguise in vehicle form.

He is the voice of reason, compassion and courage—a superhero in robot form. As the charismatic leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is dedicated to doing what’s right while protecting all sentient beings. In fact, his belief in freedom and justice never wavers, even as he battles the villainous Decepticons and his arch-nemesis, Megatron. Packaged in a card that changes into an easel, your coin is one of our most affordable pieces. This Transformers collectible shows Optimus Prime in action: just tilt the coin from side to side, and you’ll see the Autobot leader instantly switch from robot to a Robots in Disguise mode.

Coin Highlights:
  • Made of nickel-plated steel or "Cupro-Nickel".
  • Coins come in a custom presentation folder. Each set comes with two trading cards.
  • Obverse: The likeness of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Reverse: The reverse design features lenticular technology, which seamlessly fuses two colorful images of the iconic Transformers character, Optimus Prime. In the first image, the leader of the Autobots is shown in robot mode against a fiery backdrop. In the second image, Optimus Prime has assumed a vehicle form.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the Canadian government.

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The Transformers were first introduced to Canadians in 1984 with the launch of Hasbro’s original toy line. It was a multimedia franchise, with comic book tie-ins, an animated series, merchandising and a feature film. Canadian actor Peter Cullen was the voice of both Optimus Prime and Ironhide in the original television series. The Canadian connection doesn’t end there: several other incarnations were produced in Canada and/or featured Canadian animators and voice actors.

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