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2019 Canada 1 oz Silver $20 Sky Wonders: Fire Rainbow

SKU 17239
First coin, new series. Back by popular demand: A meteorological-themed series! The fire rainbow is the first of three of Canada’s Sky Wonders, the naturally occurring optical illusions that are a rare display in our skies.

This rare halo takes the form of a wispy, rainbow-colored cloud or band in the sky. Unlike a true rainbow, a fire rainbow requires no rain; instead, the fair-weather phenomenon appears when the sun hangs high in the sky and the cirrus clouds align. When light passes through these high-altitude clouds, it is refracted by plate ice crystals within. These crystals act like tiny suspended prisms that produce the curious rainbow pattern seen on this coin.
Coin Highlights:
  • Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver.
  • Comes packaged in a maroon clamshell beauty box from the mint with certificate of authenticity.
  • Limited mintage of 5,000 coins.
  • Obverse: Right-facing profile of Queen Elizabeth II, along with the year and face value.
  • Reverse: Designed by Tony Bianco, the reverse image features an engraved lakeside setting on a mid-summer day. Rolling hills rise up towards the color portion of the design, where the sun hangs high in the blue-colored sky. Sunlight passing though the cirrus clouds produces a spectrum-colored band known as a fire rainbow, which is enhanced by a blacklight-activated effect.
  • Guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint.

This coin’s realism, impeccable detail, rich color and glowing effects will be admired time and time again! Add this 2019 1 oz Silver Sky Wonders: Fire Rainbow coin to your cart today! 

From nighttime displays to unusual phenomena, the skies over Canada give us plenty of reasons to look up in awe! Our three-coin Sky Wonders series places some of these celestial wonders within reach. By mixing color and lighting technologies, each coin is a fine silver snapshot of naturally occurring optical illusions that are colorful, rare, and completely spellbinding — like the fire rainbow featured on Coin #1. A rainbow is welcome after any rainstorm. But in Canada, a more unusual sight in the sky is a firerainbow... which isn’t a rainbow at all! The unusual band of colors blazes across the summer sky on this coin, where our version of the optical illusion is amplified by a blacklight-activated effect.