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1950 $20 FRN CU (Random)

SKU 17263
These $20 Federal Reserve Notes are in quality condition and very affordable for the beginning collector.

Currency Highlights:
  • These $20 FRN's were issued beginning in early 1950.
  • Notes will be housed in archival quality currency sleeves.
  • Crisp Uncirculated notes from series 1950 through-1950-E.
  • Face: A portrait of President Andrew Jackson.
  • Back: An engraving of the White House.
These notes will make good starter notes for beginning collectors. Add this nice collector’s item to your cart today! 

Signature combos ranging from Clarke/Snyder through Granahan/Fowler. 

Series 1950 through 1950-E of our choice based upon stock at hand. 

These notes were the last Federal Reserve Notes to have the long obligation, including "Redeemable in Lawful Money at the United States Treasury, or at any Federal Reserve Bank." This part of the obligation was dropped beginning with the following series in 1963.